Meet Dr. Dev Vibhakar, our Medical Director

Dr. Dev Vibhakar is Double Board certified in Plastic and General Surgery.  Warmly referred to as Dr. Dev, he stands out as a young, eclectic and energetic plastic surgeon.   A graduate of Harvard Medical School in Adult Facial Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery, he made his debut as a physician in osteopathic medicine in 2006.  Guided by the philosophy that structure and function are interrelated, he pursued the path of mastering the bodily structure by becoming a surgeon.  In addition to being Double Board Certified, Dr. Dev has received  specialty training in Facial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Dev has taken his training one step further by mastering the art of facial implants and craniofacial reconstruction.  Dr. Dev's level of expertise and compassion will leave you feeling great and looking better with a five star surgical experience!